NJIP Creations Brand Rep Search

Thanks for your interest in becoming a brand rep!

I’m searching for people, especially parents and kids, to help me grow the NJIP Creations family.

As an NJIP Creations rep you’ll receive:

  • New products each month, this includes anything listed on the NJIP Creations website
  • Products supplied will be discussed with each brand rep individually
  • A unique code to share with followers

Your role as an NJIP Creations rep:

  • All profiles need to be public
  • Minimum 1x photo and 1x IG story a week, more is always welcome!
  • Photos should be clear and high quality, with natural lighting
  • Creative styling, flat lays, indoor/outdoor options considered
  • Use curated hashtags specific to the NJIP Creations brand and products
  • Share unique discount code and have regular engagement with your followers
  • Treat other IG users respectfully
  • Give full rights to use any photographs you have sent or tagged NJIP Creations without any further permission

To apply:

  • Please fill in the form below, include a link to your Instagram account
  • Tell me why you'd like to join the NJIP Family and the products that interest you
  • Follow me on Instagram and Facebook

If successful, rep contract is for 3 months with the opportunity to continue. Full Terms & Conditions will be sent through once reps are chosen.